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You and Me at the Blue Elephant Theatre

Published by: Carolin Kopplin on 5th Apr 2013 | View all blogs by Carolin Kopplin

Merce Ribot and Patricia Rodriguez -- Photo by Pau Ros

The time doesn't pass. It's the days that run away.

Little Soldier Productions present their bitter-sweet physical comedy about two elderly Spanish sisters who live in a foreign land surrounded by a mountain of mysterious boxes. Like any couple that has been together for a very long time, they get irritated by each other's quirks, they argue and make up, reminisce about their past, and discuss the meaning of life and death.

As the show begins, we see the two sisters sitting next to each other in silence. Suddenly, one of them does an unspeakable thing and laughs her head off while the other is completely appalled and can hardly calm herself. This starts an hour of hilarious dialogue, physical comedy, and rather dark, absurd humour as the the two sisters have a go at each other: "I cannot see you. Do you exist?" As they philosophise about death, deciding who of them will go first, details of their death and funeral are discussed at length in a highly satirical manner. Some of their performance is absolutely over the top, which doesn't make it any less enjoyable. Patricia Rodriguez's facial contortions are priceless and Merce Ribot becomes the star in a mini playback show. There are regrets about missed opportunities, of course, which brings a touch of sadness to the show. However, most of it is hysterically funny, which is entirely due to the two talented actors. 

Little Soldier Productions were formed by Patricia Rodriguez and Merce Ribot in 2010 and are committed to producing contemporary, innovative, and relevant shows. Their work focuses on cross-cultural artistic colaboration.

This show is great fun but also discusses some rather important issues. Some of the dialogue is in Spanish or Catalan but don't worry, you will get the meaning.

By Carolin Kopplin


Until 27rd April 2013

Blue Elephant Theatre
59a Bethwin Rd
(entrance in Thompson's Ave)


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  • Cameron Lowe
    by Cameron Lowe 5 years ago
    Sounds like fun, Carolin. Thanks
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