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Yes Prime Minister at Sheffield's Lyceum

Published by: Paul Tyree on 30th Apr 2013 | View all blogs by Paul Tyree
Yes Prime Minister
A New Comedy by Anthony Jay and Jonathan Lynn

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A topical and yet traditional farce, Yes Prime Minister, details the problems of dealing with the economic breakdown and the coalition and yet wraps them all in the very familiar and comfortable characters we came to know and love from the TV show.
The script is in turns brilliant, giving the actors a real mouth-full to cope with and then gives us the 'oops missis where's me trousers' moments traditionally associated with farce.
In order to alleviate Britain's current economic horrors, Sir Humphrey has managed to come up with a deal with an oil rich country the only caviate being that we, the British, join the euro and lose the pound. Jim Hacker, The Prime Minister is vehemently opposed to this and yet still wants to do what's best for the country. Throw into the mix the need for three hookers being smuggled into Number 10 and suddenly all the elements are in place for a hilarious evening.
Apart from one or two issues with staging, I was on the far left and a lot of the action took place out of my view, this is a very funny and yet strangely
comforting look into the corridors of power. Michael Fenton Stevens as Jim Hacker is wonderful as the Prime Minister out of his depth and becoming more hysterical as the evening progresses.He also does a mean Winston Churchill impression.
Crispin Redman as Sir Humphrey Appleby is also brilliant and together with some fantastic support from Michael Matus as Bernard they bring us an evening with some great and deft comic moments. The writers have crafted an intelligent up to date piece which still manages to respect and pay homage to the original that the audience know and love.

Running at the Sheffield Lyceum until Saturday.

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  • Cameron Lowe
    by Cameron Lowe 5 years ago
    Thanks, Paul. This sounds like great fun.
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