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Wicked - The Alhambra, Bradford

Published by: GRAHAM CLARK on 28th Jul 2016 | View all blogs by GRAHAM CLARK

The Alhambra in Bradford has been proud to host some of the biggest musicals in the UK this year. The Alhambra is the only place outside of London where you can see this spectacular show this year.

Billed as the prequel to The Wizard of Oz, the story actually takes place before, simultaneously and after the well known film.

For me the show was part big blockbuster musical and part pantomime in that there was the good looking blonde, Glinda who meets the good looking Fiyero. There are huge props too such as a dragon that sits over the top of the stage. With his red eyes the dragon was a menacing threat, though I did expect him to perhaps be more lifelike rather than remain quite static. 

The story involves jealousy, rivalry and peer pressure between the two sorcery students, the blonde Glinda and the green painted Elphaba. Carly Anderson plays Glinda with a twee charm, always sweet and frothy whilst the student who has the power, Elphaba is played by Jacqueline Hughes who portrays a convincing and at times confused student. Both were excellent and were on stage for most of the 2 and a half hour show.

When the two students were learning together in college there were times when some of the storyline seemed to have come from another successful musical, Legally Blonde. There are hints too of other musicals such as Chicago and Cats.

The songs might not be well known but with superb performances of Defying Gravity and I'm Not That Girl you will be remembering these long after you have left the theatre.

The costumes are as over the top as you might expect in this award winning West End and Broadway show. The show really is a major coup for Bradford.

We learn how the Tin Man lost his heart and how the Scarecrow became the straw man. There are plenty of comical lines too which will have you laughing in your seat.

Both actresses are able to project the power of the strong songs throughout the evening.

Bradley Jaden as the charming Fiyero was brilliantly cast whilst Kim Ismay as Madame Morrible was all high and mighty.

It is a show for young and old alike and the standing ovation received at the end of the night was justified.

 The happy and smiling faces leaving the Alhambra confirmed I was not the only one who had enjoyed this superb show. Go see it and make your friends green with envy!

Running until 21 August 2016


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  • Cameron Lowe
    by Cameron Lowe 2 years ago
    Thanks, Graham. Green with envy indeed! ;)
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