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Whingeing Women at The King's Theatre, Glasgow

Published by: Cameron Lowe on 11th Oct 2014 | View all blogs by Cameron Lowe

Review by Suzanne Lowe

Whingeing Women is made up of a series of monologues portraying the life experiences of ordinary women.  Every topic imaginable is covered from their thoughts on men, love, life, death and sex.  Their stories had the audiences crying with laughter and also, at times, with sadness.

  Whingeing Women

Tasked with sharing these life experiences with the audience were Gail Porter, Joyce Falconer, Janette Foggo and Angela D’arcy. 

Standout performances came from Joyce Falconer (of River City fame) who had the audience roaring with laughter even before she opened her mouth to speak.  Her portrayal of a pushy mother trying to secure the lead role in “Annie” for her daughter was a highlight of the show as was her final scene which saw her trying to involve the audience in a sex therapy class!!  Very interesting.

Janette Foggo (known  for  Doctor Finlay, Rab C. Nesbitt, The Bill and Taggart  to name but a few) also shined with her very moving performances of a mother who was trying to come to terms with the fact that her son had just ‘Come out’ and the sadness at the loss of a daughter.  Perhaps her biggest triumph of the night was one which involved a mask, long coat and a change of name which highlighted the very colourful pastimes of some couples.  I couldn’t quite believe that this accomplished actress was portraying this character; but portray it she did and she had the audiences rolling around with laughter.

Angela D’Arcy (RSAMD graduate, Director, Singer) gave the audience the views of a somewhat younger woman.  Her relationship with men and her incredibly heartfelt performance of a young woman raped by her uncle resulting in a baby created a silence around the auditorium.

Gail Porter (TV Personality/Presenter) gave a well rounded performance but perhaps my only criticism would be that during the first half of the show her stories were incredibly self indulgent.  The need to include her own real life experiences into this production were, in my opinion, unnecessary.

Whingeing Women, although at times cringe worthy, is definitely a play worth seeing.  A typical “Girls Night Out” evening (although I did count at least 4 men in the audience and yes they were laughing) which should be accompanied by a glass of wine.  It will have you laughing and crying for all the right reasons and taps into what we all know and think but don’t say out loud.

Whingeing Women

King’s Theatre, Glasgow

9-11 October 2014

Tickets £16.90 - £38.90 (plus booking fee)



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