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What would Beyonce Do?!

Published by: Irish Reviewers on 25th Sep 2013 | View all blogs by Irish Reviewers

What Would Beyonce Do?

“What would Beyoncé do” is a belly aching, raw, emotional comedy show performed by funny girl Luisa Omielan. The 75 minute show takes you on a journey of a strong independent woman who gets knocked down and hurt in life. Omielan picks herself back up by asking herself “What would Beyonce do” while breaking into smash hit songs from Beyonce. This fabulous diva will have you crying with laughter and sadness at the same time. Created, written and performed by this bucket load of British Talent, this masterpiece is like watching an emotional movie unfold. The HIT solo show from Edinburgh Fringe Festival is running until September 28th at Oh My Ribs in Hollywood, Los Angeles:!what-would-beyonce-do/cau7

Approaching 30 and finding herself having to move back home to her mum’s and breaking up poo in the toilet because her little brother blocked it, she’s starting to wonder: ‘Does this ever happen to Beyoncé?!’ this girl tells it like it is with no frills.

THE SCOTSMAN describe her performance perfectly: ‘An inner monologue taking momentary possession of her body like a malignant demon’. She has been mentioned in LA Times, The Gaurdian, The Telegraph, Vogue and after her LA performances she is going on to New York were fans such as Whoopi Goldberg are in line to see this sell out show.

What I most liked about Luisa Omielan and this show is how she captures the life of the average Joe who isn’t in the top 1% with super model looks and size 0 figure. She looks life right in the eyes and says I’m not skinny, I’m not a super model while sailing through life in an average job, with a broken heart and no different from the vast majority. She doesn’t claim to have super powers or an amazing wardrobe but she gets up, makes the most herself and believes that she can make it. There is something refreshing about the truthfulness of her show, she bares her naked inner soul and we don’t often see that at this level, particularly in Hollywood.

If they gave Oscars for theatre then Luisa Omielan would definitely be a strong contender. Her ability to tell a story is down right talent when it comes to comedy, yet there is something much more to her than just a comedian. You can’t help but notice the raw naked truth she exudes. She does not pretend to be something she is not and with the help of Beyonce she picks herself back up, every time she gets knocked down in life. Involving her audiences in dancing and singing to hits such as “I’m a survivor”, this feels like a non stop party with a big slice of the human journey. You can follow Luisa on twitter at @luisaomielan and for her up and coming tour dates check out

Marti Stewart

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