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Published by: Kirstie Niland on 17th Aug 2017 | View all blogs by Kirstie Niland

Until 28th August 2017, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Following the success of his 2016 show – Villain – at the Fringe, Bruised Sky Artistic Director Martin Murphy has returned with a one-woman show, Victim.


In this unnevering play, the clanking switch of a spotlight from blue to red alerts us to the change of character from upright Tracey the prison guard to predatory prisoner A23174 Siobhan. However Louise Beresford is so adept at her portrayal of two polar opposite women that we are immediately aware of the shift through the change in her demeanour and facial expressions.

The two women are preoccupied with an infamous new inmate, Marcie, who has murdered her baby. Tracey, who is trying to get pregnant, thinks she can help her. Siobhan, serving a sentence for killing her ex-boyfriend, is savvy enough to know that her status as Marcie’s cellmate will provide her with an opportunity to get under the usually guarded Tracey’s skin.

Siobhan – the prison “fixer” - is wickedly open about her past and her plans to lure Tracey into incriminating herself so that she can be blackmailed into bringing in forbidden supplies. Meanwhile Tracey falls victim to misplaced trust and walks right into her trap. 

Their respective downfalls reveal ironies about broken rules and double standards, with dark comedy alleviating some of the tension.

As each describes their life story and struggles we see them slip and show weakness; and there is a disturbing realisation that these two women, despite their different backgrounds and motives, are both the victim in this compelling drama.


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