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Twelve Angry Men - The Grand Leeds

Published by: GRAHAM CLARK on 9th Apr 2015 | View all blogs by GRAHAM CLARK

I had never seen the film version of Twelve Angry Men so it was with a fresh pair of eyes that I experienced this stage production.

Twelve jurors have murder on their minds and a life in their hands as they decide the fate of a young delinquent accused of killing his dad. What looks to be a clear cut case soon becomes a dilemma for the 12 men as things turn around.

Tom Conti plays juror 8 - a New York architect. He votes against all the other 11 jurors who believe that the defandant is guilty. Conti plays a logical and thoughtful man in the play and is convincing throughout.  Slowly, with his methodical approach changes the minds of the rest of the jurors.

There are some strong characters who are as different as chalk and cheese and it is the difference between each of the personalities which makes this play work.

Andrew Lancel (better known as Frank Foster from Coronation Street) plays Juror 3, an angry young man who has a rocky relationship with his young son which has left him tainted.  Robert Duncan as Juror 4 plays the his stockbroker role to a tee whilst Sean Power as Juror 7 is excellent as a wide boy come baseball fan who just wants to declare the defandant guilty so he can get to his baseball match on time!

Denis Lil as Juror 10 pays a long in the tooth garage owner who shows no sign of giving in but of course he does in the end.

It is a thought provoking experience, challenging pre-conceived ideas, stereotypes and thoughts but Tom Conti holds it all together; always on the outside. The jurors come around to his way of thinking.

Entertaining and durable - whilst set in the 1950's the show is as relevant as it always was

Runs until Saturday 11 April 2015


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  • Cameron Lowe
    by Cameron Lowe 3 years ago
    Thanks for your review, Graham
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