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Tonight's the Night - MK Theatre

Published by: Louise Winter on 24th Apr 2014 | View all blogs by Louise Winter

Tonight's the Night
Reviewed 22 April 2014

Tonight's The Night

This show, based upon the hits of Rod Stewart, written by Ben Elton and directed by Caroline Jay Rayner, is successful entirely due to the cast working extremely hard to flesh out this thin story line and weak script. It is a success in spite of these traits and I have to be honest and sorry to say that I think it is pretty poor of Ben Elton and the production team to present such an unimaginative and rehashed tale ... and why is it set in America?

We follow Stuart (Ben Heathcote), a Detroit mechanic whose shyness stops him communicating with the opposite sex and ultimately declaring his love for Mary (Jenna Lee-James). He strikes a deal with the devil (Tiffany Graves) through which he gains the soul of (you guessed it) Rod himself and after a few trials he predictably (yes, you guessed again) learns that in order to get the girl, being yourself is a better bet than trying to be someone else.

Slow to warm up, and with rather predictable and fairly uninspiring choreography and staging, the show lurches from song to song with them crow-barred into the ‘action’. The audience, clearly there because of a great fondness for Rod Stewart’s vast songbook, were also slow to warm up.


It is ALL credit to Ben Heathcote that he had every audience member singing along and waving their arms in the air for the grand finale. He has boundless energy and is on stage practically the whole time. His voice resembles Rod’s on occasion and there are some interesting arrangements of the well known songs but he is given little character to get his teeth into.

Vocal performances throughout and by all the cast are strong but special mention must go to Jenna Lee-James and Rosie Heath who have gorgeous voices and held the audience’s attention with their beautiful, moving performances.


Michael McKell as Stoner, a cross between Mick Jagger and Bill Nighy in Love Actually had the audience laughing out loud, again in spite of his predictable lines; full marks to him for fleshing them out.


It’s almost impossible not to tap your feet and sing quietly along to the numerous classics here; Gasoline Alley, Stone Cold Sober, Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? Maggie May, I Don’t Want To Talk About It, You Wear It Well, Hot Legs, Stay With Me, Sailing and, of course, the title song. These are all performed by a fabulous band who are slightly hidden away on the scaffolded staging for the whole performance - Griff Johnson, Steve White, Andy Taylor-Vebel, Lael Goldberg, ALex Meadows and Matt Bayne. Top notch and given rapturous applause by the audience at the end.
So, all in all weak story and production but outstanding work by the cast and musicians and of course the songs speak for themselves.

The show is at Milton Keynes until April 26
Box office 08448 717652 (booking fees apply) or on-line at



  • Cameron Lowe
    by Cameron Lowe 4 years ago
    Thanks for your review, Louise. Sounds like an entertaining evening despite the flaws.
  • Louise Winter
    by Louise Winter 4 years ago
    I thought long and hard about posting this but I wanted to be honest. I spoke to the members of the audience around me at the interval and at the end, as I wondered if I was missing something, but this was the general consensus - that the production and story could have been so much better but that the performances were brilliant; the cast really work hard and deserve all the credit. I have just updated review a bit as forgot to mention the excellent band.
  • Cameron Lowe
    by Cameron Lowe 4 years ago
    Thanks, Louise. Just the way we like it!
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