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To Kill a Mockingbird

Published by: Paul Tyree on 28th Jan 2015 | View all blogs by Paul Tyree


To Kill a Mockingbird 

By Harper Lee

Adapted for the stage by Christopher Sergel


The story of a white man defending a black man in a court of law has the potential to seem either too dry or too obviously worthy to make for an interesting night at the theatre but, luckily, Harper Lees' genius was to write everything through the eyes of children. Children whom were able to view without prejudice so that the story could be accurately told.

Also the genius of this production is in allowing it to be as much about the art of storytelling as it is a narrative play.  The actors appear holding copies of the book 'To Kill a Mockingbird' and begin to read out loud before slowly becoming characters in the story. This gives the impression of a more communal experience and therefore gives the audience more of a vested interest in the piece.

The actors are uniformly good, and this production truly feels like a company pulling together to deliver a fantastic night at the theatre. 

The story is both tragic and uplifting which perhaps explains why it is both so popular and so powerful.  It manages to marry some truly shocking experiences with an inherent hope for the future and discusses the idea of what it is to be a good person and transcend your upbringing or your surroundings. 

Towards the end of this production I'm not ashamed to say that there were tears rolling down my cheeks at both the tragedy of the story told and also of how strangely uplifted it left me feeling. This is a play that delivers on pretty much every level and I would heartily recommend a trip to Harper Lees magnificent story.

Wed 28 Jan 7:30pm   £16.00 - £24.00* Limited Availability
Thu 29 Jan 2:00pm   £11.00 - £19.00* Book Tickets
Thu 29 Jan 7:30pm Audio Described, Signed £16.00 - £24.00* Limited Availability
Fri 30 Jan 7:30pm   £18.00 - £26.00* Limited Availability
Sat 31 Jan 3:00pm Captioned £16.00 - £24.00* Limited Availability
Sat 31 Jan 7:30pm   £18.00 - £26.00*

Limited Availability

  • 55 Norfolk St, Sheffield, S1 1DA, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
  • Box Office: 0114 249 6000



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