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Tin Can Podcast Christmas Festival Launches

Published by: Tin Can Podcast on 6th Dec 2010 | View all blogs by Tin Can Podcast
Tin Can Podcast, the free online audio drama company, have launched their Christmas Festival.  Check out the first three new plays.
NEW PODCASTS: Our first three Christmas plays are online now:
The Magical Tree by Jonathan Brown (
Gristletoe by Andy Marchant (
Nativity Play by Stella Farrington (

There are 9 more to come.

Tin Can Podcast 



  • Tin Can Podcast
    by Tin Can Podcast 7 years ago
    The second group of plays are now online.
    Baba Chaghaloo by Mike Shephard.
    Tradition by Sandy Nicholson
    I went and I came back by Deborah Espect
  • Tin Can Podcast
    by Tin Can Podcast 7 years ago
    And now for group 3.
    Icing Sugar by Martin Malcolm
    Stocking Fillers by Mark Lindow
    Bring me the head of Noddy Holder by Vince Stadon
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