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Thrilling Dirty Dancing!

Published by: Thia Cooper on 30th Oct 2014 | View all blogs by Thia Cooper

It’s not often I don’t look forward to seeing any production at Milton Keynes Theatre!  However,  I have seen the stage version of Dirty Dancing and did not enjoy it.  I felt it didn’t convert to the stage very well and the performance was lack lustre.

Wow!  What a change!  All the things I missed are back in this performance.

The cast oozed enthusiasm!  Most of them played more than one part, showing their versatility and expertise.

Baby, played by Roseanna Frascona was superb and there was an obvious easy relationship between her and Johnny, played by Gareth Bailey.  What a fabulous dancer he is!  They both have great stage presence.

Claire Rogers, who plays Penny, is also an awesome, beautiful dancer.  It is impossible to take your eyes off her, even when others are on stage with her. 

The costume, set, video, staging and  choreography designers should also be congratulated. Completely beautifully coordinated.  The scenes with Baby and Johnny rehearsing in the corn field and water were very effective and I would be interested to know how they got the effect.

Lisa, played by Jessie-Lou Yates brought great humour to the evening.  Her portrayal of Baby’s rather goofy sister was excellent.  Her out of tune singing brought guffaws of laughter from us.

I imagine most people would recognise the iconic  ‘(I’ve Had) the Time of My Life’ scene, where Baby jumps into the arms of Johnny.  This was, this time, beautiful.  She looked as though she was gliding into his arms.  The anticipation of the audience was ecstatic, and then when the jump was executed the cheers were very loud!!!

I am still not convinced that if you need to have seen the film to be able to follow the story, but this performance left people on a high and a standing ovation was well deserved.

Another great success for Milton Keynes Theatre!!

Tuesday 21 October – (Friday 5pm & 8.30pm) Saturday 8 November

Tickets: £10 - £75

Box Office: 0844 871 7652



  • Cameron Lowe
    by Cameron Lowe 3 years ago
    Thanks, Thia. Glad to hear that you enjoyed this production.
  • Thia Cooper
    by Thia Cooper 3 years ago
    Did I do the photos wrong again? Did the Swan Lake not go up?
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