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THIS JOINT IS JUMPIN' at London's Other Palace, Victoria

Published by: Elaine Pinkus on 7th Apr 2017 | View all blogs by Elaine Pinkus

Leave the woes of London behind and enter the ‘cotton club’ at the Other Palace Studio, Victoria (previously the St James Theatre), where a Harlem Rent Party is about to take place and we are invited to be its guests. Sit back, enjoy a drink and relax to the songs, dancing and general atmosphere of This Joint is Jumpin’, produced by Hoagy B Carmichael and directed by Patrice Miller, based on the book by Jeremy M Barker and Patricia Miller. In homage to Fats Waller, we are transported to the 1920s, to the music of swing which was greeted enthusiastically in its day and continues to do so. With musical arrangements moving between jazz and rhythm and blues, the mood was created. We might not have been jumpin’ as such, mainly because there was simply not the space to do so, but our feet were certainly a’tappin’ alongside the wonderful  Joseph Wiggan (sensational)  and Michela Marino Lerman as they whacked their taps to the fabulous song score of Fats Waller. With vocals by Vuyo Sotashe, (so mellow), Michael Mwenso and Lillias White, (a belting sensation) and the fantastic five piece band, The Shakes (Ruben Fox, Mark Kavuma, Dion Kerr IV, Mathis Picard and Kyle Poole) this was an evening of pure enjoyment.

THIS JOINT IS JUMPIN 5 The cast Photo Darren Bell.jpg

The cast

Opening with This Joint is Jumpin’ the mood was set and the ensuing numbers such as Honeysuckle Rose, Squeeze Me and so forth maintained this night club atmosphere. Lilias White oozed passion and kittenish sex appeal, whilst Vuyo Sotashe’s vocal range vibrated with mellowness and soul. We ached with White as she gave her heart rending passion of Black and Blue, remembering those victims of the Klu Klux Clan and then, deftly, were brought back once more to joy with the high level tap of the dynamic pair and the wonderful arrangements of the fabulous Shakes. Whilst all showed their skills Mathis Picard deserves an additional applause for his mind blowing piano playing.

THIS JOINT IS JUMPIN 4 (left to right) Mathis Picard (pianist) Vuyo Sotashe (vocalist) Mark Kavuma (trumpet) Ruben Fox (tenor s

The Shakes: Ruben Fox (Saxophonist), Mark Kavuma (Trumpet), Dion Kerr IV (Bass), Mathis Picard (Pianist) and Kyle Poole (Drummer)

In her role as Master of Ceremonies, Desiree Burch offered snippets of history and context, not only in the life of Fats Waller but also in the struggles of the Black communities, referring to James Baldwin and historical facts of Atlanta. Perhaps these were somewhat disconnected but as an homage, there was the need to include meaning and relevance. 

With a running time of just under two hours (including the interval) this is pure fun and entertainment. Well done to the well rehearsed cast who not only performed with commitment, energy and excitement but who also took time to chat to their audience during the interval. A highly enjoyable evening.

(note to myself: dust those tap shoes and get practising!)

THIS JOINT IS JUMPIN 3 Michela Marino Lerman and Joseph Wiggan Photo Darren Bell.jpg

Michaela Marino Lerman and Joseph Wiggan

Photography: Darren Bell


Tuesday 4 – Saturday 15 April

Performance Times:
Tuesday - Saturday evenings at 8.00pm
Fridays 6.30pm & 9.00pm
Saturday matinees at 3.00pm

Ticket prices:
Fridays and Saturdays:

The Other Palace Studio
12 Palace Street
Box of] fice: 0844 264 2121

Twitter - @JointisJumpin
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