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The Sound of Music - Milton Keynes Theatre

Published by: Louise Winter on 27th May 2015 | View all blogs by Louise Winter


Reviewed by Louise Winter

26 May 2015 

The Sound of Music Tickets at Milton Keynes Theatre,

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Bill Kenwright's new production coincides with the 50th anniversary of the most successful musical in history. This touring production has not cut any corners and it feels extravagant and expensive. For the most part this is to do with the sets, cleverly designed by Gary Mcann. Staging this story calls for numerous interiors yet the inventiveness of MCann’s overall design is such that the scene-changes are almost seamless. The backdrop of the mountains, the plush interiors with the sweeping staircase central to the von Trapp residence, the effective stained glass and atmospheric lighting of the abbey, are all beautifully put together and make for superior staging.

All performances are excellent; Danielle Hope is wonderful as Maria, channelling Julie Andrews and carrying the role with boundless energy and enthusiasm. Her voice strong and pitch-perfect, she’s wonderful as the spirited young woman who blossoms into a loving and kind stepmother to the von Trapp children and she embodies spirit and personality. . 

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photo credit Pamela Raith 

Steven Houghton as Captain von Trapp is rather understated, perhaps as the role demands, and he is possibly not a perfect match for this Maria; maybe because their voices are not particularly well paired. Houghton’s is very mellow and soft compared to the strong clarity and power of Hope’s. There is though some tangible stage chemistry and warmth between them. 

The children are all superb; nothing too saccharine, cute or over pretentious about the younger ones, but all charming and sweet in the nicest way. The initial difficulties Maria faces in the film are missing here and the children fall for her immediately so the comedic value of their first interactions are absent.


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photo credit Pamela Raith 

Jan Hartley as the Mother Abbess has one of the most powerful voices in theatre. Her Climb Ev’ry Mountain at the end of the first half and again to close was the absolute showstopper and almost blew the roof off the theatre! Along with Nuns, Zoe Anne Bown, Jessica Sherman and Grace Gardner, the music in the Abbey and their rendition of Maria were truly heavenly.  

Musical Director David Steadman has a 10 piece band which sounds like a full blown orchestra; a big rich sound which is so important to replicate these loved tunes here. They do justice to some of the most memorable music and songs of all time by Rogers and Hammerstein – My Favourite things,  Edelweiss, So long, Farewell, Do-Re-Mi. Milton Keynes' superb acoustics work wonders for this particular production.

The audience of all ages were enthralled and enchanted by this show and I cannot recommend it highly enough. A magnificent show and one that is a perfect half term treat for all the family. Heart-warming and life-affirming, this enchanting production is well worth the ticket fee.


Tickets:                    £19.50 - £37 when booking in person at Milton Keynes Theatre Box Office -  for full details when booking on-line or over the phone visit 

Box Office:                0844 871 7652 (bkg fee) 

Online Booking:  (bkg fee)




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  • Cameron Lowe
    by Cameron Lowe 3 years ago
    Many thanks, Louise. This is a lovely review and it sounds like the show was a great success. So easy to make this one too sweet for my taste.
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