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The Shaolin Warriors

Published by: Steve Burbridge on 29th Apr 2011 | View all blogs by Steve Burbridge

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The Shaolin Warriors

Darlington Civic Theatre

Prepare yourselves to be amazed beyond the boundaries of your own belief! Direct from Beijing, China, the legendary masters of kung fu, The Shaolin Warriors, are taking Britain by storm.

This fully choreographed theatrical extravaganza is an experience not to be missed and never to be forgotten. The packed auditorium at Darlington Civic Theatre was enthralled by the superhuman strength and soothing serenity of the magnificent men (and boys) on stage.

Indeed, this spectacular show depicts the journey of a young child to highly skilled Shaolin Warrior through diligent training and study, and showcases some of the most awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, death-defying stunts along the way.

The hypnotic and pain-defying feats are truly amazing and garnered collective choruses of ‘ooh’ and ‘ah’ from the audience. We see a monk being placed on a board of nails and a marble slab put on top of him before it is smashed with a sledgehammer; another is lifted aloft sharpened spears; another performs a handstand using only two fingers, and there are a quick succession of back flips, leaps and gravity-defying jumps.

The sheer agility, endurance and strength of the warriors is absolutely breathtaking, yet for all the spectacle of the entertainment, the show also has a reflective and spiritually enlightening side.

Such is the success of The Shaolin Warriors that they have toured through North America, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland and now the United Kingdom. Once the extensive UK tour is completed they head off to wow audiences in Serbia, too.

Finally, it seems appropriate to end this review with the customary warning: Don’t try any of the things you see on stage at home!

Steve Burbridge.

Reviewed on Thursday 28 April 2011.

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