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The Play That Goes Wrong

Published by: Kirstie Niland on 9th Aug 2018 | View all blogs by Kirstie Niland

Blackpool Opera House until Saturday 11th August

I’ve no idea how members of the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society have survived the mayhem of The Murder at Haversham Manor thus far but die-hard fans are clearly glad they have.

Clapping in all the wrong places, audiences are still belly laughing their way through this brilliant, slapstick comedy which made its 2012 debut in London. Reviewers must have exhausted every possible synonym for ‘funny’ - yet nothing quite hits the mark because this is one show where you really do have to be there.

The cast of the fictitious society are deadly serious about making it through their performance of a 1920s murder mystery as everything that could go wrong – does. A mere thing such a missing prop or even cast member would never get in the way of these dedicated thespians, who’ve soldiered on through previous productions including The Lion and The Wardrobe, Cat, and James and the Peach or James, Where's your Peach?

It takes sheer brilliance to get going wrong so right, and the precision that goes into the complete chaos of missed lines, forgotten props and hilarious improvisation amidst a collapsing set is pure genius.

The energy of the cast, who duck, dodge and roll their way in, off, around and under various props and pieces of collapsing set is phenomenal. As one of the largest theatres in the UK, the Opera House is the perfect venue for such catastrophic comedy, allowing much-needed room for manoeuvre.

It’s difficult to review this without too many spoilers so let’s just say expect the unexpected, with incredible set management, finely choreographed moves, and muscles aching from laughter afterwards.

This multi-award-winning Mischief Theatre production is on until Saturday 11th August. Book here

Photograph: Winter Gardens Blackpool



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