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The Play that Goes Wrong at Milton Keynes Theatre

Published by: Alison Smith on 24th Apr 2018 | View all blogs by Alison Smith

Nothing is at all wrong with The Play that Goes Wrong; it has a talented cast, highly physical stunts, farcical action and great lines, but above all absolutely perfect comedic timing. It is this last quality that makes the play so right.

The story is simple: Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society at last has enough money to put on a decent production (previous ones have endured meagreness - The Lion and the Wardrobe, Cat, and Two Sisters, James and the Peach). The new play is a very early twentieth century Agatha Christy murder mystery – Murder at Haversham Manor - with the typical characters of the genre – a wealthy home owner, a beautiful girl, a butler, an inspector and, of course, a body. Before the play begins the audience knows the set is not all the Drama Society had hoped – the mantelpiece collapses, the door closes on whim, the broom breaks. The lighting and sound engineer, Trevor, (Gabriel Paul) seems more concerned about a lost dog, Winston, than he does about lights and sound.

The curtain opens on a body on the sofa and attempts to enter the room through the door fail; the butler, Perkins, (Benjamin McMahon) and the fiancee’s brother, Thomas, (Kazeem Tosin Amore) enter through the wings. This first entrance sets the scene for the action. And the mayhem of the play within the play continues with endless energy and great physicality - people are knocked unconscious by doors and trays, a stretcher disintegrates, the lift collapses, Florence (Elena Valentine) is manhandled out of a window This acrobatic activity is accompanied by great dialogue – double entendres, mispronunciation of words, lines repeated, lines mis-timed. The situation is chaotic, the antics preposterous, but the result is hilarious.

The Play that Goes Wrong was written by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields of the Mischief Theatre. It is not sophisticated comedy but the writers have a  degree of genius. Praise must also be piled upon the set designer Nigel Hook and the choreography and stage mechanics of all the stunts by Mark Bell, as without the adaptable set and the precise moves the play would not be this ridiculously funny, razor sharp comedy.

The Play that Goes Wrong is a must see!


The Play That Goes Wrong is at Milton Keynes Theatre until Saturday 28th April

 0844871 7652

Booking fee applies


acters, the butler sofa and attemptsto enter the room through the door fail - the s oes is that makes the play so right.1111



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