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The Lala's

Published by: Irish Reviewers on 28th Oct 2013 | View all blogs by Irish Reviewers

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The Lalas is a burlesque show based in Los Angeles, who travel throughout the world with their show. The Lalas consist of approximately 8 talented performers and is choreographed and produced by Erin Lamont - choreographer to the stars!

The act opened with a dancer moving to their signature song as the room began to blossom with the cast of performers in burlesque attire banging out their cute dance moves. The dancers moved in and out of the crowd and interacted with the audience. Each song they performed to had a theatrical theme and proved very entertaining to the crowd. Amidst the performance one of the dancers – Tonya Kay, took position of being the host while cracking jokes and performing strange body movements on stage – her big and bold personality proved a hit with the audience too.

The overall act was very sexy and theatrical but given the nature of the show don’t expect much suspense – these girls go all with their fun stripper style theme which had the crowd hootering and hollering as they dined and partied for the full 90 minute performance.

One of my favourite acts was two dancers coming out to the floor while drinking lots of alcohol and sharing it with the audience. They then took to the centre of the room for a hilarious sexy drunk performance.

Overall the Lala’s proved to be a fun night’s entertainment - but don’t expect an exhilarating, seduced, suspenseful thrill – its more Daisy Duke style, which seems to be a successful hit with pulling in the crowd of ladies and gents!

To keep up to date with the Lala’s you can go to

The venue that we caught the Lala’s at was the Federal Bar in North Hollywood. Tickets were $30 for seats and $15 for standing at the bar. The Federal bar has a theatre upstairs that seats aprox. 120 people. They serve delicious healthy food and both their food and drink menu is notorious for its extremely low prices and big portions.

Eirin was kind enough to give us a quick chat after the show. Here’s how it went……

Tell us how you formed the Lalas

I formed The Lalas back in August of 2009 on a whim. Basically, I have been dancing my entire life, moved to LA and began choreographing. A few years in, walking around Manhattan Beach I saw a burlesque show and I thought to myself, Hey – I know sexy women. Let’s do this!

What gave you the inspiration for costume and music for the show?

Music is first and foremost. Then everything else naturally follows from there. I think that most of my time is actually spent listening to music. Then I go downtown to the fashion district and I begin constructing costumes.

Can you tell us anything about your casting process for the Lalas and why you selected any girls in particular?

I have AMAZING Lalas! They make the show. Without them – we wouldn’t have had such great success. The girls are funny, ridiculous, often times loud, often times weird, but that’s what makes the show. They are all different shapes, ages, sizes, but they work together like glue. It is a beautiful thing to see

What’s your favourite part of the show or the Lalas?

Watching the audience watch the girls and laugh hysterically, seeing all the phones in the air trying to grab snapshots of their performances and hearing the audi /sound crew crack up. The girls evoke such laughter and craziness – which I believe burlesque is all about!


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  • Cameron Lowe
    by Cameron Lowe 4 years ago
    Thanks for your review. I'm sure this all in the best possible taste (Kenny Everett quote ... you might not be old enough!). I'm glad your snapshot was before the final "reveal"!!
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