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The Full Monty The Play at Leeds Grand Theatre

Published by: Cameron Lowe on 8th May 2013 | View all blogs by Cameron Lowe
Review by Graham Clark

Trying to recreate a successful film on stage can be a problem but the producers behind the stage production of Calendar Girls, appear to have pulled it off (pardon the pun) with this version of the Full Monty.


The Full Monty - The Play

The play does not deviate from the film’s plot. The story is of a group of unemployed steel workers dealing with the prospect of long term unemployment, depression and delusion. The main character is Gaz (played with a cheeky twist by Kenny Doughty) who is trying to make a better life for himself and to clear up a £600 child support debt so he can continue to see his son, Nathan (played tonight by Travis Caddy), who has an old head on young shoulders.

Motivated by their wives going to see a show by the Chippendales, the ex-steel workers see that this type of act could be a lucrative move and set about creating their own Yorkshire version of male strippers but there is a twist: they go the “full monty”.

Gaz’s overweight mate Dave (played by Roger Morlidge) is on a diet of cream crackers but with Gaz they create a good double-act in the show.

Simon Rouse plays a striking, yet down to earth, role as Gerald; a middle class manager who is hiding his unemployment from his wife.  Meanwhile, his wife is busy booking ski-ing holidays and is “out loose in Sheffield and spending” with his credit card.

Craig Gazey re-creates his camp role as Graeme Proctor in Coronation Street to play the part of dozy security guard Lomper. He has some of the best lines too; “ever tried drowning yourself?” asks Gaz to suicidal Lomper, “No” comes the reply “I can’t swim!”

The comical scene from the job centre is recreated superbly when standing in line, Donna Summer’s Hot Stuff is played on the radio and the men start to go through their dance steps that they have learnt whilst rehearsing to the song.

Of course the finale is predictable but, none the less entertaining, as the men go through their routine to Tom Jones’ You Can Leave Your Hat On.

An excellent show that will have you laughing from start to finish.

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