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The Full Monty, Alhambra Theatre Bradford

Published by: GRAHAM CLARK on 10th Feb 2015 | View all blogs by GRAHAM CLARK

It was always going to be interesting to see if this version of the popular film could translate to the stage. I should have had no misgivings as this production takes the best parts of the film and brings them to a live audience brilliantly.

The Full Monty

Set in Sheffield in the late 90s, the story is about 6 Sheffield steelworkers who have all been made redundant. Ringleader Gaz (Gary Lucy) has come up with an idea where he and his colleagues perform as Yorkshire's answer to The Chippendales after seeing how well the male strippers went down at the local club. Gaz's version, though, goes one step further, they will strip down all the way, the full monty!

Gary Lucy plays Gaz as the likely lad that he is, although at times his accent went from South Yorkshire to Scouse via Lancashire. His fat friend Dave (Martin Miller) comes across too as an innocent man; though he is struggling on a diet of cream crackers as well as losing his job.

Louis Emerick as Horse had some of the best one liners of the night whilst Andrew Dunn as ex foreman Gerald plays a man facing a mid life crisis with losing his job and having a middle class wife to support who is more than happy to spend his money on her credit cards. His wife remains unwise to the fact that he has lost his job.

Although there is plenty of humour, there is a serious side to the night too; Thatchers policies were wrecking communities in the Yorkshire steel industry, families were being torn apart and money was hard to come by.  There are also references to issues such as class division and how the loss of access to his son, Nathan effects Gaz.

It was not your regular theatre audience and there were many cries of "get your kit off" during the performance. It is a show that appeals to hen nights and females out for a good night out. Having said that, the ending is done very well with the men performing the full monty but the clever lighting does not let you see too much.

The soundtrack sticks to the original film with Donna Summer's Hot Stuff and Hot Chocolate's You Sexy Thing making appearances. Once you see the ex-Steelworkers dancing along to these songs you will always think of the scenes from The Full Monty.

Enjoyable, enthralling and entertaining. You do not have to be female to appreciate this terrific adaptation.

Runs until Saturday 14 February 2014

Tickets from £15.00 available from



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  • Cameron Lowe
    by Cameron Lowe 3 years ago
    Sounds like a great night out, Graham. A play with music, would you say?
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