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The Effect - The Sheffield Crucible Studio

Published by: Paul Tyree on 3rd Jul 2015 | View all blogs by Paul Tyree

A Sheffield Theatres Production
The Effect
Thu 25 June – Sat 18 July

By Lucy Prebble


(Photos: Johann Persson)

This show has a lot going for it. The acting is good and by and large so is the the script.
It has an interesting premise in that it explores the nature of love and that in itself is an interesting debate.
The idea that it could be chemically influenced is one that has swum about our society for a while. We all are now aware that love is about the same as huge amounts of chocolate, so a play about a clandestine relationship between patients being experimented on should be brilliant and groundbreaking.

This isn't. It's ok. It's an ok night at the theatre, but actually it has no ending and no conclusion because obviously the playwright hasn't formed a real conclusion either, which is such a shame. Had this piece had an actual ending (which it doesn't) it would have been fantastic. The actors and everyone did a great job. The set was good, the direction excellent so the only thing that could possible hold this production back was the writing and unfortunately this seems to be a play that is only 80 percent there and that has to be placed at the feet of the writer rather than anyone else.


Dont get me wrong it's a good play, but i's not a great play because it simply peters out without a real conclusion or idea to give it some meaning. You walk out at the end no wiser and no happier than when you walked in. Perhaps it is time that we remind our authors and playwrights that art either gives us wisdom, information or  entertainment and if it offers us none of the above then it probably isn't actually worth bothering with.

Decent but not groundbreaking.


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  • Cameron Lowe
    by Cameron Lowe 3 years ago
    Thanks, Paul. It's a shame this seemed to fizzle out at the end.
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