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The Dungeon Master

Published by: Irish Reviewers on 19th Nov 2013 | View all blogs by Irish Reviewers
DM.jpgThe Dungeon Master is an interactive theatrical horror show based in Los Angeles which has been popping up in cool venues for over 30 years. LA has always proved to have been a vast place but the truth is we would have never known about underground world if we hadn’t of met one of the stars at AFM last week, who was kind enough to invite us along last Sunday.

The venue this season is a large warehouse in downtown LA. It was candle lit and draped in red velvet curtains and there was a sound of the violin playing as we were greeting by many audience members in costume. There is an option to wear costume or not.

We were previously informed that the show never has the same script twice and is held every Sunday but they take about a month’s break in between seasons. The general format is they have a new storyline each week. They select audience members to be part of the cast, giving them their own identity and costume while taking them on their quest throughout the story. This is perhaps why they have such a large following, particularly for people who like to wear costumes and step into the world of make believe.

The Dungeon master cast consists of approximately 10 actors and at each interval they had 6 audience members join their enormous stage which swiftly moved from scene to scene marvellously.

This particular show that we caught was a medieval themed horror story about a werewolf. While we were brought on a scary mystical journey of people being murdered and the frightening reality that there was a werewolf on the prowl we are introduced to the selected audience members who can use spells and certain rules on their quest (which you can study on their webpage). It almost reminded me of a life size Xbox game only it was far more tantalizing and real. Throughout the storyline we are brought on a journey with strong improvisation actors and clever, bold set design.

It seems that an audience thoroughly enjoys this format because it encourages costume and allows its audience to become part of the show. It attracted a majority of intelligent and intellectual 20 & 30’s crowd and everyone seemed to embrace being able to creating their own character while in their seats or hanging out at the bar.

All in all it proved to be an exciting format that allows its patrons a different experience of theatre. I don’t see much of this theatre style format around and I’m not sure that it is for everyone but for those that do like it – they seem to come in the masses.

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