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The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time -The Grand,Leeds

Published by: GRAHAM CLARK on 26th Aug 2015 | View all blogs by GRAHAM CLARK

It is not often you go to the theatre and see a dead dog centre stage with a garden fork through it, but this is what greets you as you enter the Grand Theatre.

I was not sure what to expect from The National Theatre's production of this highly amusing,entertaining and thought provoking play.

Central to all the action is Christopher Boone played with vivid detail by Joshua Jenkins. Christopher is a 15 year old boy who has special educational needs, or more to the point Asperger Syndrome.

His neighbour's dog called Wellington is found dead, so Christopher sets out to play detective to find out who murdered Mrs Shears dog. 

Christopher's dad informs him that his mother has died with heart problems but in fact she has been having an affair with Mr Shears. Christophers dad finds out about the affair and he kills the dog.

Whilst looking for his diary which his dad had hidden from him, Christopher discovers that his mum is still alive as he finds the letters she has written to him, hidden by his dad. On discovering she is living in London with Mr Shears he decides to go and visit her.

Joshua Jenkins has all the mannerisms of someone with Asperger Syndrome and he must have studied and watched a person who has this problem right down to the nervous twitch on his face.

With a brilliant supporting cast who all play many parts, the stage set is minimal but with elements of mime and some very clever effects they bring each scene to life. The sound effects work well too, especially the scene when Christopher is awaiting a train on the London Underground with the actors simulating the effect of the wind rush as the train arrives at the station.

The whole evening was like seeing the world though a fresh pair of eyes and although Christopher is slow and innocent in some areas of his life, he is a masternind at maths and as the show progresses there are some positive moments as he passes his maths exam, gaining a A plus. 

Examining relations between his dad, his mother and his future step father, there were many areas of the play that we can all relate too.

There was so much going on that if you see the show a second time you would probably see something that you did not see first time around.

The night ends on a high but if I tell you the ending it would spoil it for you, so if you  get the chance, go along and see this production that will have you crying with laughter and also with sadness. 


 Runs until Saturday 29 August 2015. Tickets from


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