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The Case of the Frightened Lady at Milton Keynes Theatre

Published by: Alison Smith on 22nd May 2018 | View all blogs by Alison Smith

 A thriller by the Classic Thriller Theatre Company.

The play The Case of the Frightened Lady purports to be a thriller. It is not. It is dull and tedious. It was written by Edgar Wallace – the king of the modern thriller novel – at the beginning of the 20th century and then it may well have been thrilling, but in urce material of the play en thrilling, but the anytrethe 21st the material of the play is dated and irrelevant.

The first act is ponderous; the action takes place offstage – the murders, the screams, the affairs – and the audience is presented with much repetitive dialogue. The setting is the hall of a grand mansion owned by Lady Lebanon and her son. The doorways of this hall afford the cast the ability to exit and enter and eavesdrop continually. The story is simple Lady Lebanon (Deborah Grant) is obsessed with her family’s dynasty and so insists her son (Ben Nealon) marries his cousin, Isla ( April Pearson), although neither are keen on such an arrangement.

The play improves somewhat in the second act. There are revelations of blackmail, hidden marriages, murders in India and madness.  Finally the truth of the murders is disclosed and the culprit takes his own life – at last action on stage.

There are some positives – the setting is impressive, the costumes are appropriate and the actors all play their parts well. It is just a shame that the parts are not enthralling.

 The Case of the Frightened Lady is at Milton Keynes Theatre until Saturday 26th May.

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