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The Bodyguard - Alhambra Theatre Bradford

Published by: GRAHAM CLARK on 7th Jun 2015 | View all blogs by GRAHAM CLARK

It is a very dramatic start to The Bodyguard: a single gun shot opens up the show before 4 huge flames fire up from the front of the stage as Alexandra Burke performs The Queen of the Night.

The Bodyguard

This is a classic story of woman meets man, falls in love with him and it ends up with  and ends up with him leaving, which is probably why the story appeals to the mainly female audience here tonight. 

Adapting the screen version to the stage was never going to be an easy task and with Whitney Houston who starred in the film having such a powerful voice, it was always going to be an intersting situation to see if X Factor winner, Alexandra Burke could pull it off.

She seemed to be saving her voice for the second half of the show, in fact at the matinnee performances her place is taken by anothe talent show contestant, Zoe Birkett. These are very hard songs to sing so perhaps Ms Burke is saving her voice for later. 

Stuart Reid plays her Bodyguard and is was convincing, authorative and charming too whilst her sister Nikki is played by Melissa James who too has a great voice.  At times the story seemed to be rushed: one minute Burke playing pop diva Rachel Marron hates the idea of having her Bodyguard around her following a note left by a stalker, the next minute she has fallen in love with him and there did not seem to be the time taken in the film version for this to happen on stage.

At times it was like a mini Alexandra Burke concert with the story fitted in between but it is still an entertaining night out.

In the second half of the show Burke comes into her own with the song lyrics fitting naturally into the narrative of the production, especially on the song I Will Always Love You as her Bodyguard leaves her to move on to his next assignment. You could hear the emotion in her voice as she sang this dramatic number. 

The audience rise to their feet as she performs I Wanna Dance With Somebody and the show climaxes to a brilliant finish. A captivating show that will delight audiences for years to come.


Runs until Saturday 13 June 2015. Tickets from:


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  • Cameron Lowe
    by Cameron Lowe 3 years ago
    Thanks, Graham. I thoroughly enjoyed this production when it came to Glasgow. Much improved on the original West End show.
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