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Tap Factory - Sunderland Empire & touring

Published by: Steve Burbridge on 21st Mar 2014 | View all blogs by Steve Burbridge
Tap Factory – The Sunderland Empire Theatre (and touring)

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Billed as “a brand new show in the genre of Stomp, Tap Dogs and Blue Man Group”, Tap Factory is a thrilling combination of tap dancing, hip hop, acrobatics, street dance and percussion in one truly epic production.
It begins with a caretaker character making his way through the auditorium, whistling and humming, as he sweeps his way to the stage where we are then introduced to a Chaplinesque  character whose exaggerated mime evokes memories of the magnificent silent movies.
The show really gets going when the rest of the workforce of the factory take to the stage and the heady mix of amazing acrobatic agility, terrific tap dancing and precision percussion explodes into action before our very eyes.
Performed by a cast of World Champion dancers, Tap Factory draws on several genres including dance, acrobatics and cirque. Each exquisitely choreographed routine is executed with breathtaking brilliance and an abundance of enthusiasm – and never a foot is put wrong. The eight performers effortlessly dazzle and delight the audience with their dynamic displays of skill and discipline, receiving rapturous shrieks and whoops in return.

With swan-like grace and the litheness of a feline, these incredibly talented men continually astounded the crowd, setting female pulses racing; their toned torso’s sharing responsibility with their dazzling dance routines.
All in all, a breathtaking, showstopping, sensation of a show.

Steve Burbridge.
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