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Published by: Irish Reviewers on 30th Jun 2009 | View all blogs by Irish Reviewers


Stoker is original piece commissioned by Organic Productions. It is based on the life of Bram Stoker while writing one of the most famous novels of all time – Dracula.

The period drama opens in the home and office of Bram Stoker played by Fergus Kealy with his wife Florence Balcombe Stoker played by Sharon O Donnell. We are brought rapidly into the 1920’s with excellent costume and stage design as we continue to meet all 10 characters of this production including Oscar Wilde played marvellously by Neill Flemming.

This production brings us on bouts of excellent comedy, dapper and sometimes violent waves as we are enthralled into the mind of the writer and what he does or becomes while writing his masterpiece. This period drama is an exciting new work that digs up and dishes out an important part of history well captured with brilliant period design, acting and writing.

We meet such characters as Henry Irving, Arthur Conan Doyle, Oscar Wilde and of course Bram Stoker as well as all of their female partners at the time. We are reminded of the brief liaison Oscar Wilde once had with Florence and sense rivalry between Oscar and Bram while swiftly getting hints of sarcasm and comedy with reference to the sexuality of Oscar at the time.

Henry Irving is portrayed by the dashingly likeable and tall Brian Robinson who you can’t help but love. He carries an air of “save the day while you love me” while Florence Balcombe played by Sharon O’Donnell so dazzlingly brings us into the realness of a wife coping with a husband who is dangerously crossing over to the dark side as we see her so inevitably caring and dealing with the trials and tribulations of her time and her relationships.

Fergus Kealy takes us on the journey of Bram Stoker so superbly as you can’t help but wonder about him immediately as he gives off his writer exterior and introvert interior so slightly in order for the audience to capture him within minutes. He takes us from husband - to writer - to office worker swiftly with superb technique as he brings us on the journey he encountered in his head while writing and creating Dracula.

This production portrays brilliantly the mind of the writer and life of one of the most famous novelists of all time. It is the first time a story has been done on Bram Stoker and his life and is most definitely something you should go and see. The acting and costume design is second to none and you will feel like you are getting beyond your monies worth as you are continuously introduced to some of the most interesting characters of the 1920’s.





26 Jan -31 Jan                           New Theatre, Dublin

1 Feb  -18 Feb                           Smock Alley, Dublin

20 Feb – 15 March                     Everyman Place Theatre, Cork

19 March -29 March                   Old Red Lion Theatre, London

4 April – 24 April                        Lowry, Manchester


Ticket Price: €15 in Ireland and €12 in London

Show times: 7.30pm

For booking go to



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