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Published by: Kirstie Niland on 17th Aug 2017 | View all blogs by Kirstie Niland

Until 27th August 2017, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Choosing a select number of shows to pack into a very limited schedule is no easy task, but the announcement that Henry VIII’s wives are back... divorced, beheaded and live in concert as world-famous girl group SiX...made this show a must-see.

And what a breath of fresh air it was.

Since SiX is the first original musical to be taken to the Edinburgh Fringe by the Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society, the misogynistic king’s wives are set to go down in history once again. For this unique, historical musical with its catchy songs and high energy choreography is proving a right royal success, with sell out shows and standing ovations.

The queens who had the misfortune to marry Henry VIII are brought to life by six charming, triple threats, all perfectly cast for the persona of the wife they’re portraying. The girls hold a sing and dance-off to decide who had it worse, beginning with an energetic performance by Catherine of Arogan warning off her rivals, followed by a risqué number Don’t Lose Your Head by the sassy #sorrynotsorry Anne Boleyn. True love Jane Seymour belts out a power ballad, then Anne of Cleves steps it up with an admission that her misleading profile picture meant she kept her head - and her cushy lifestyle. Katherine Howard’s sexy number explains why she met the same fate as Anne Boleyn. And last but not least, Catherine Parr laments the love she had to leave to marry the king.

The costumes are a clever combination of old meets new - think tiaras, frills and beads mixed with silver pumps, skater dresses and bright red lipstick.

With bang up to date lyrics incorporating comedy and double entendres to describe their plight, SiX could bring a whole new meaning to curriculum development – you certainly won’t beat this for a memorable history lesson. But somehow I think SiX are destined for much bigger things, like the West End.

Welcome to the histo-remix.

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