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Sister Act at Milton keynes Theatre

Published by: Alison Smith on 26th Sep 2016 | View all blogs by Alison Smith

 Reviewed by Alison Smith

26th September 2016


Who would have thought that a tale of a diva living in a convent would generate so much fun? But this is exactly what Sister Act does. The tale in fact is ludicrous. Deloris Van Cartier is a night club singer and a gangster’s moll. Curtis, her sleazy, controlling boyfriend, (Aaron Lee Lambert) kills an informer. Deloris, a witness to the shooting, is placed by witness protection in a convent– the antithesis of Deloris’ normal hang-outs, and it is this contrast which causes much of the delight in the show. There are of course run-ins between Deloris, now Sister Mary Clarence, and the strict Mother Superior, wonderfully interpreted by Karen Mann, caution, and habits, are thrown to the wind, musical and dancing talents are rekindled, the congregation miraculously increases in number and the convent is saved from  threatened closure.

 Alexandra Burke plays the sassy, feisty female lead (aka the Godsend) and the success of the musical is, to a great extent, down to her. Her comic timing is excellent as is her voice – rich and strong; her delivery is faultless. Of course the music, gospel, Motown and soul, by Alan Menken is a gift to any musical star. Craig Revel Horwood directs and choreographs the show and fills the stage with great routines for the hoodlums, the nuns and the police. And they are a talented cast – proficient musicians as well as funky dancers and tuneful singers – nuns with saxes and violins, a trumpet playing priest, all strutting their stuff.  Mention must be made of the cop ‘sweaty’  Eddie, (Jon Robyns) who transforms to give a stupendous, John Travolta like performance of I Could Be That Guy, and the novice Sister Mary Robert (Sarah Goggin) touches hearts with The Life I never Led. 

The stage set, designed by Matthew Wright, is simple - gothic arches, a few steps and metal railings – but clever lighting enables the one set to be used as a convent, a night club and a police station. Similarly, the sound system marks the different locations with an echo being used effectively for scenes in the church.

 The musical highlights the simple emotions of sisterhood, friendship and love, all  enhanced by the joy of music. Sister Act is definitely a feel good musical.

 Sister Act is at Milton Keynes Theatre from Monday 26th September to Saturday 1st October.

 0844 871 7652 

Booking fee applies




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