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Sherlock Holmes & The Ripper Murders

Published by: Steve Burbridge on 9th Jul 2015 | View all blogs by Steve Burbridge


Sherlock Holmes & The Ripper Murders


Fact is fused with fiction to phenomenal effect as one of literature’s greatest detectives sets out to reveal the identity of the most sadistic serial killer ever to stalk the streets of London in Sherlock Holmes & The Ripper Murders.

Presented by talkingScarlet, this is a slick, stylish and sophisticated production with all the hallmarks of a spine-tingling thriller: a grisly gothic tale of murder most foul, punctuated with intrigue, suspense, romance and even a smattering of comic relief.

A talented and versatile cast of eleven deliver outstanding performances, supported by superb technical effects and top-notch production values. This is clearly a cast and company who approach the murder-mystery genre with the respect it deserves.

The production is dedicated to the memory of its writer, Brian Clemens, who died at the beginning of this year and it is very much a familial tribute as his sons, Samuel and George, are both pivotally involved – each on opposite sides of the curtain.

Samuel Clemens plays the titular role of Sherlock Holmes and, in doing so, dispenses with the stereotypical image of deerstalker hat and magnifying glass. Instead, his portrayal of Holmes presents the audience with a much more human and rounded character, prone to self-doubt and occasional regret.

The other Clemens brother, George, as Technical Director, is to be commended for ensuring the production is so genuinely atmospheric. The smog-ridden slums of the East End, Holmes’ rooms at Baker Street and other key locations are brought vividly to life via a series of stunning projections and searing sound effects.

Deft and assured direction from Patric Kearns ensures the pace is brisk without being rushed and strong performances from George Telfer (Dr Watson), Kim Taylforth (Mrs Hudson/Mary Kelly), Lara Lemon (Kate Mead), Michael Kirk (Netley) and Andrew Paul (Sir William Gull) further endorse the credentials of this exhilarating and excellent piece of theatre.


Steve Burbridge.


Reviewed at Darlington Civic Theatre.


Tours to Windsor, Malvern, Crewe, Inverness, Swansea, Buxton, Guildford, Dundee, Lowestoft, Derry, Croydon, Reading and Blackpool.



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  • Cameron Lowe
    by Cameron Lowe 3 years ago
    Thanks, Steve. Cracking review.
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