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Shakespeare Revue at the Richmond Theatre

Published by: Douglas McFarlane on 9th Nov 2016 | View all blogs by Douglas McFarlane


Music, dance and sketches was the promise and I guess that's what we got. A whistle stop tour of a wide variety of sketches written by Victoria Wood, Monty Python, Stephen Fry and many others, Shakespeare Revue did what it said on the tin. 

Playing to a half empty Tuesday night audience at the Richmond Theatre, the cast of 5 started with one of the sketches that I knew well. Quoting Shakespeare was one I had personally performed in Glasgow, "It's all Greek to me", and it kicked off the night nicely. Monty Pythons "The Man Who Speaks in Anagrams" was a worthy inclusion and kept my attention in the first part. 

In the second half we were entertained with some light tap dancing, some pleasant singing and the odd amusing moment.  Alan Bennett, Derek Nimmo and Maureen Lipman providing the content.

On the whole, it was a nice night out, a bit of light Shakespeare entertainment and a couple of laughs.

It's heading to Brighton and Glasgow next.


Douglas McFarlane is London editor and founder of UK Theatre Network.


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  • Cameron Lowe
    by Cameron Lowe 1 year ago
    thanks, Doug. Sounds entertaining ... if a little underwhelming.
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