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Rocky Horror Show - Milton Keynes Theatre

Published by: Alison Smith on 25th Jul 2016 | View all blogs by Alison Smith

Reviewed by Alison Smith 25th July 2016

Poster Rocky Horror Tour

Well, The Rocky Horror Show is a ‘mind flip’ to beat all mind flips, and the MK Theatre audience certainly flipped tonight!  Many in the audience were sexily clad in stilettoes and suspenders, boas and basques to rival the on-stage guests at Frank N Furter’s party; the audience even had the dance moves and kept The Narrator (Norman Pace) on his toes with their heckling (dealt with by Pace with skilful aplomb and topical repartee, although at times looking slightly embarrassed).

In 1973, Richard O’Brian’s Rocky Horror Show challenged audiences with its portrayal of sexual fluidity; now over 40 years later transgender issues have become mainstream and this spectacular musical entertains more than shocks.  And it entertains impressively because of its enduring mixture of Sci-Fi, horror and rock and roll. The show is visually stunning - a great set, atmospheric lighting, spectacular choreography, weird and wonderful costumes; it is raunchy and surreal, but mostly just hilarious.

The plot itself is weak. Brad (Richard Meek) and his fiancée Janet (Diana Vickers), clean college kids, seek help at the mansion of Frank N Furter, a crazy, cross-dressing scientist. That evening he is hosting a party to unveil his new creation, gold booted, skimpily dressed, Rocky Horror (Dominic Anderson), a man to surpass all men, if only physically. And into Frank’s alternative sexual world come the naïve, geeky pair, who are both quickly seduced by Frank and enticed into his alien, ghoul filled universe, rather like a pantomime for consenting adults.

Frank is portrayed convincingly by Liam Tamne. Tamne is  wonderful as Frank. He has a powerful voice with a great range, sharp comic timing, and his movements and gestures are outrageously camp but throughout the musical he also manages to maintain an undercurrent of malevolence. His entourage are also exceptional, Riff Raff, the swaggering servant (Kristian Lavercombe) and Columbia (Sophie Linder-Lee) are both weird and wonderful.  All the cast throw themselves into their roles with enthusiasm and energy and convey the idea that to be different from mainstream society is perfectly acceptable.

This musical, produced by Christopher Luscombe, is a real theatrical experience.  Long may it continue to entertain. 

 The Rocky Horror Show is at Milton Keynes Theatre until Saturday 30th July 

0844 871 7652

Booking fee applies




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