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Peter Pan Milton Keynes Theatre

Published by: Louise Winter on 10th Dec 2014 | View all blogs by Louise Winter

Peter Pan 
Milton Keynes Theatre
Reviewed by Louise Winter 9th December 2014

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Milton Keynes has a high energy, fast paced panto this year - mainly due to the frantic speed of Bradley Walsh et al's delivery, the high number of set dance pieces throughout and the marvellous Flawless. Yes, Walsh is back after a 7 year break from MK and it appears he has a very strong fanbase here. 

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Splendid sets including a truly fantastic forest, and glittering pirate ship, and top class costumes make for a visual delight.
The huge cast work extremely hard to entertain but patricular mentions must go to David Bedella who is a brilliant Hook - suave, cool and not too scary -  and Francesca Mills as Tinker Bell as the suitably mischeivous fairy with a real air of naughtiness about her (in a way suitable for children I mean) zooming about in the air or on skates. She's dynamic and quite fabulous.

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Bradley Walsh is as one would expect, and if you've seen him in panto here before you won't be disappointed. He had people in stitches with his zany antics and silly asides to the audience. He has the act of pretending to forget what he's supposed to be doing down to an art.

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Flawless are outstanding and have changed the whole feel of this panto ... their incredible routines are crowd pleasers for all members of the audience particularly when they get their own section in the second half; one of the highlights of the show.

Peter Pan at MKT 2014 047 Press.jpg

One tiny thing - perhaps there was not enough participation for the very youngest members of the audience as 2 1/2 hours is a long time for small children to stay engaged. Most of them (or rather their adults) had been drawn into buying pirate hats and flashing swords or wands and it would have been great if there had been moments when they could have waved these or 'taken part' in the action on stage (from their seats) via some slighty more directed and organised audience participation. There were limited opportunities for booing, 'it's behind you' and 'oh no it isn't'. A bit more of this would mean all are catered for and the show would be perfect. At the moment the pitch is for a slightly older, more savvy group; the 10 year olds behind had a fabulous time. 

An now, one last thing, Bradley Walsh was incredibly generous about coming back to MK. He said both at the beginning and end how great it was to be back and how good the audience was ... they were brilliant!! -  fully participating and up on their feet without a moment of hesitation. The references to the area (Bletchley and Newport Pagnell) were gentle digs and amusing rather than downright rude and nasty as they have been by some nameless leads
in the past (although that is probably the fault of the scriptwriter). Perhaps if I were feeling cynical I would know Walsh would say nice things but the fact that he did actually engage with the audience out of character in the nicest possible way won him at least one more fan! He comes across as genuine and by all accounts he is a lovely guy. His attitude to MK and its people is perfect. 

A great evening of entertainment for the festive season. Go and enjoy!

Peter Pan at MK Theatre until 11th January

A great evening of entertainment for the festive season. Go and enjoy!
Peter Pan at MK Theatre until 11th January
0844 871 7615 booking fee applies
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  • Cameron Lowe
    by Cameron Lowe 3 years ago
    Thanks for your wonderful review, Louise. This looks like an epic pantomime! Bradley Walsh is such a talent!
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