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Published by: Irish Reviewers on 22nd Jun 2011 | View all blogs by Irish Reviewers

“Perve” is Stacy Gregg’s first full act play and it’s a piece of theatre that grapples with the dark issue of paedophilia. An automatic silent applause awarded to Gregg for unfolding her concerns about society’s ability to deal with the hysteria that accompanies this issue.  Alyson Cummins basic set offers no insight into the domestic lives of the main characters. It offers no warm indications of family life yet the characters and their relationships reveal this subtlety as the play unfolds.

The focus of the play is centred on a young Gethin and his desire to make an honest documentary that will probe the mass hysteria surrounding paedophilia and as well as the caustic spell rumours cast.

Initially we see him filming outside a “known” Perve’s house as he searches for footage his “concept” documentary. He is concerned about the gross reversal of the traditional “presumption of innocence” rule and declares that nowadays “it just takes one person to throw the first stone”.

Gethin permits his younger sister to spread baseless “perverted” rumours about him in order to get an organic reaction to fuel his project. These rumours, although circulated by school kids, have a far more sinister effect that his has prepared himself for.

The acting reached a high energetic level as the play progressed and the play turns out some compelling performances most notably by O’Brien’s Gethin and NicLiam’s Sarah.

It peaks when a very convincing Jane Brennan interrogates Gethin and when the hinted sexual abuse of both Gethin and Nick surfaces. It feels however that as soon as these moments are touched upon they are disregarded and leave you wanting more. I look forward to Gregg’s next piece which I’m sure will tackle another social sickness to the ground.


Booking Details

Venue: On the Peacock stage
(Abbey Theatre 26 Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1)
Dates: Wednesday 25 May – Saturday 25 June (Previews Wednesday 25 – Monday 30 May)
Monday – Saturday evening 8pm, Saturday matinee 2.30pm
Tickets: €13 – €25


or call +353 (0)1 87 87 222





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