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Paul Carrack @ The Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury

Published by: Yvonne Delahaye on 2nd Dec 2013 | View all blogs by Yvonne Delahaye

Ask a range of people if they know who Paul Carrack is and you’ll often be met by blank stares, but sing a few lines of Tempted and Over My Shoulder and recognition sets in.  As lead vocalist with Ace, Mike and The Mechanics and Squeeze, nearly 40 years since Ace had a huge hit on both sides of the Atlantic with How Long? (astonishingly the first song composed by Paul himself), Paul continues to pack out theatres with his amazing rich vocals and excellent 7 piece band.

In a recent BBC4 documentary (I wish I’d known about and seen!), Paul was christened ‘The Man with the Golden Voice’ and the title couldn’t be more apt.  Listening to Paul singing ballads with such real emotion he constantly touches your heart and I often find myself moved to tears.  There are very few singers who have the ability to resonate so deeply with people’s feelings, but the poignant lyrics and melodies make the songs so special and unique.

Fresh from a worldwide tour as featured artiste with old friend, Eric Clapton,which he’ll be continuing in 2014, Paul was back at The Waterside with his own amazing Sheffield-based band performing songs from his vast catalogue.

Opening the show was support act Robert Vincent on acoustic guitar, singing some of his own compositions from his new album Life in Easy Steps.  Robert hails from Liverpool and is a blues and country music singer-songwriter.  With the backing of Paul Carrack, you know he’s going to be successful, but have a listen to some of his beautiful tracks on and decide for yourself.

After a short interval, Paul and his band bounded on stage with a high octane opening singing Life’s too Short and a couple of rock songs, before Paul moved onto the keyboard and sang my personal favourite Love Will Keep Us Alive.  It’s a song Paul wrote for The Eagles, but whenever I hear Paul sing it with his gorgeous honey vocals, it gets right to my heart and I find myself touched to tears. Thankfully they swiftly move on to a great up-tempo number Better Than Nothing, with it’s jazz-funk riffs and sax, it gave Paul a chance to show what an incredible musician he is with his keyboard solo.

We all joined in to wave our hands and sing along to Tempted, before Paul sang some songs from his new album Rain or Shine.  His new single That’s all that Matters to Me  is getting some air-play and is a lovely song written for his daughter as she embarks on her world travels.

Paul and the band were then joined by former support act TinLin to sing together their sweet new song Make it Right For You.  Another Mike and the Mechanics hit followed The Living Years with those memorable lyrics ‘Say it Loud, Say it Clear’, with a couple more songs before finishing on the unforgettable How Long with everyone standing, clapping and singing along.  The packed auditorium shouted, whistled and applauded for an encore and, naturally, it could only be Over My Shoulder

I pondered on how many of the acts that have come through X-Factor over the last 10 years will still be performing to packed houses in 40 years time?  This is the second time I’ve seen Paul Carrack in concert and you can hear all the different instruments with a perfect balance of sound and clarity and with Paul's delicious vocals, it doesn't get much better than this!  After the first concert I saw 2 years ago I bought his album A Different Hat, with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and it’s one that gets played over and over again.  There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll be buying his latest one very soon and I really look forward to seeing him on his next tour. 

There are lots of video clips of Paul Carrack on YouTube and you can also visit his website for more info to listen to and download some of his tracks.

Reviewed by:
Yvonne Delahaye


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  • Cameron Lowe
    by Cameron Lowe 4 years ago
    Thanks, Yvonne. This sounds like a great night. 40 years definitely seems like an eternity for the current crop of young "stars"!
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