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Pamela DeMenthe Presents: Sticky Digits at the Edinburgh Festival

Published by: G.D. Mills on 17th Aug 2017 | View all blogs by G.D. Mills

Les Dawson was able to play the piano with comically bad precision because he knew how to play it well. Likewise Jenny Morgan’s (pen name Pamela Dementhe) assured grasp of the English language enables her to twist it into hilariously awful prose. Metaphors are mangled, similes shat on, and good taste shot to hell as DeMenthe, self-published author of a plethora of erotic novels, guides us through her creative process. Titles include Raise it for Pamela and Filling Me Softly, at the Esso Garage. DeMenthe’s irrational, sensual and fevered personality is joyfully mismatched by her earnestly conceived PowerPoint presentation during which we learn more about her frustrated sexual desire than about the world of literature.

“I woke up to find two fingers in my cunt. Only one of them was mine.” Thus begins her latest novel Sticky Digits, an exorbitantly priced tome which she reads from and then dramatizes using a series of props and projected images. DeMenthe’s surreal flights of fancy involve a lover pleasuring himself anally with a plutonium rod, a great deal of ‘nakidity’ and would-be lovers who are transformed, at sexually critical moments, into ravens.  The story pulses and throbs its way towards an orgiastic denouement involving, if I remember correctly, a raw egg and an explosion of flour.

There was a moment of quickly aborted audience interaction, which might have been quite fun, and Morgan makes best use of the slightly claustrophobic space alloted to her at the venue - a more spacious, bourgeois setting would have suited the immaculately turned out DeMenthe more nicely I feel. Those with a puritanical streak might do well to avoid this show. Otherwise this is fifty minutes of surreal and verbally dexterous funniness.

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This show runs in Edinburgh until the 27th August at Just the Tonic at The Caves

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