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Macbeth - The Abbey Theatre, Dublin

Published by: Irish Reviewers on 26th Apr 2010 | View all blogs by Irish Reviewers

Macbeth is currently showing in the Abbey Theatre until May 15th, 2010. Directed by Jimmy Fay, written by William Shakespeare and starring award winning actress Eileen Walsh you can almost hear the sounds of footsteps running to the Abbey to buy tickets but overall I would have to say, unless you are studying it in school/college you won’t walk away with a life changing or brilliantly entertaining night.


The stage design, costume and theatrics are second to none, as are all of the Abbey’s productions but in raising the question “how many times have we all come across Shakespeare Macbeth” I was hoping to be brought on a journey that wowed me but instead I was brought on the typical theatrical production of Macbeth, which was disappointing.


Eileen Walsh takes on the role of Lady Macbeth but I couldn’t help thinking that the role must have been insultingly easy for her. I think we all would have loved to see her explore more areas of Lady Macbeth particularly in the second half but unfortunately Fay left it unexplored which was disappointing. For those of you who are not familiar with Eileen Walsh, you might remember her in the Magdalene sisters (2002), where she played the role of “Crispina”.


Another well known face in there is Michael McElhatton who plays the role of Banquo. You may be familiar with McElhatton from starring in the hilarious “Fergus’s Wedding” and “Paths to Freedom” many moons ago as well as “Spin the bottle”. McElhatton’s stage presence is excellent and he commands the stage brilliantly, bringing us on the journey of a well thought, humble and Nobel gentleman, almost overshadowing the lead.


Oh by the way the programme is something definitely worth grabbing. The arts council have a page in their letting you know that you (the tax payer) contributed €75 million in 2009 to the Arts council (that’s about €1 a week for every household) to fund the arts in the country. Nice work!


For more information on this production or to book your tickets if you’re going to go along to see it visit:



The Abbey Theatre


7th April – 15th May 2010


7.30pm (2pm matinee on Saturdays)


€13 - €38 (Book online and get 2 for 1)

Booking Line

(01) 8787222


Robin Stewart
UK Theatre Network/Irish Reviewers 





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