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Love From A Stranger at Richmond Theatre

Published by: Douglas McFarlane on 2nd May 2018 | View all blogs by Douglas McFarlane

Love From A Stranger

"I've read everything from Agatha Christie, but I haven't heard of this", the lady in front of me in the queue said as we waited to go in.

It wasn't until I got to my seat, opened the program and read that this one was based on a short story, which was adapted into a play by Ms Christie. So, the lady in the queue was technically correct, it wasn't one of her many novels.

It was however classic Christie. We know there's going to be a murder, we just don't know who and when. One thing's for sure, we're only likely to know right at the end, despite many guesses. With many diversion tactics, murder suspects, murder victims, and where it will happen. 

One of the ladies behind me, gasped often. A flower was handed over. Gasp! A shadow passed the door. Gasp! Clearly an Agatha Christie fan, she was immersed in the story and expected every twist and turn to provide the anticipated information needed. That 'aha' moment.
It soon comes, and it's not who you suspect. It woudn't have survived that long if it was obvious.

Love From A Stranger, was well performed but the star of the show for me, was the set. It had a flow left to right and right to left, unravelling new items, closing others off, changing rooms, homes, and atmosphere every now and then. Accompanied with suitably eery music, the set complimented the story line and supported the actors, giving them a quality backdrop to take the audience on the murderous journey.

Love From A Strange is on at the Richmond Theatre until Saturday, then touring to Birmingham, Glasgow and Milton Keynes over the next few months.


Review by Douglas McFarlane




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