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Lord of the Flies - Bradford Alhambra

Published by: GRAHAM CLARK on 4th Dec 2014 | View all blogs by GRAHAM CLARK
Matthew Bourne has been credited with bringing ballet productions to a mass audience, making ballet more accessible for the casual fan. In the past he has done this with Swan Lake and now with his adaptation of William Golding's Lord of the Flies.

It is a dark story but Bourne brings out the best of it so that it  is not all doom and gloom and there are some entertaining scenes.  In the book a group of schoolboys find themselves stranded on a deserted island, tonight the island has been swapped for a deserted theatre.

On entering the theatre the audience is greeted with creeks and groans coming from the stage: it is an atmospheric touch that paves the way for the night ahead.

The 22 men on stage are excellent dancers with none of them missing a step. the dancing is very intricate and with so many on stage perfect timing was a must, especially in the square dance routine at the beginning - everone had to be spot on - and they were.

There is a nod to modern technology as the boys use their mobile phones to illuminate their surroundings. With many of the cast coming from Bradford it added a local flavour to the proceedings.

The music played an important part, too, bringing the dramtic scenes to life. Terry Davies has written a brilliant soundtrack.

A captivating, enthralling adaptation that rightly deserved the standing ovation received at the end of this energetic ballet.

Runs until Saturday 6 December. 

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