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Kes - Crucible Theatre Sheffield

Published by: Paul Tyree on 3rd Apr 2014 | View all blogs by Paul Tyree



A dance theatre adaptation by Jonathan Watkins

The Crucible Theater's first foray into dance theatre is an adaptation of Barry Hines Kes.

The now oft told tale of a young boy raising a  kestrel has been successful both in theatre and filmic terms and works equally well here.

From the very beginning of this production you feel immersed in a world that is familiar and the fact that is told via the medium of dance is no barrier to the enjoyment of the story.

Beginning and ending with two brothers having to share a bed as they live in reduced circumstances with their single mum the story is told in a series of scenes expertly directed and choreographed by Jonathan Watkins.

All of the dancers perform well, but standing head and shoulders above the rest is Chester Hayes as the main character Billy. His is a wonderful performance, not only in terms of dance but also as an actor.

Laura Caldow as Billy’s Mother also impresses greatly in the few scenes she has, especially at the end when the walls of her world are closing in on her. Phil Snowden is perfect as comic relief throughout the play and it is amazing how much humour has been built into the show.

The score by Alex Baranowski is a joy to listen to and perfectly compliments this piece of creative dance.

Kes then is a marvelously entertaining and touching evening at the theatre that I can heartily recommend as a piece of theatre whether you’re into dance or not.

Thu 3 Apr 7:30pm   £19.00* Book Tickets
Fri 4 Apr 7:30pm   £19.00* Book Tickets
Sat 5 Apr 2:30pm   £15.00* Book Tickets
Sat 5 Apr 7:30pm   £21.00* Book Tickets


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  • Cameron Lowe
    by Cameron Lowe 4 years ago
    Thanks, Paul. It's great to hear of a well loved story crossing over successfully into a new performance medium such as this.
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