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Keep Dancing at Milton Keynes Theatre

Published by: Alison Smith on 7th Sep 2016 | View all blogs by Alison Smith

Reviewed by Alison Smith, 6th September 2016

Keep Dancing Poster

If you are a Strictly Come Dancing fan, Keep Dancing is the show for you – replete with fake tans, bare chests, sparkly sequins and big frocks. And some of the dancers from Strictly are on stage too – Robin Windsor, twirling and whirling with Strictly’s star Anya Garnis and last year’s winner Jay McGuiness hot footing it with Aliona Valani. They are supported by a fantastic dancing chorus of ten and three versatile singers-come- dancers Harriette Mullen, Adam Warmingtom and the amazing Lisa-Marie Holmes. 

The setting is simple, the band high at the back for the most part, two flights of stairs and the stage; the lighting is atmospheric, especially in the spectacular all - male Paso Doble, the dancers encased in red light.

The fast pace of the dancing is spectacular with sensational choreography by Emma Rogers. The Latin dances are where her routines excel most, especially the sensuous rumba ,swaying hips and legs, and Robin and Anya’s seductive tango, unbridled passion from the intimate abrazo to the precise ochos; the energy level stays way up in these dynamic South American routines. One ballroom dance which is just as dynamic is the quickstep; the dancers crossed and recrossed the stage effortlessly in a froth of blue. And I must mention my favourite dance, the Charleston, danced to the music of the same name; I thought the dancers would break into a tap routine, but I had to content myself with top hats and canes, chugs and helicopters amongst other vivacious moves! However, one of the most entertaining dances of the evening – which had no steps at all - was the Hand Dancing, the dancers, legs dangling off the stage, had perfect timing with their arms  and  hands. 

With such a talented group of trained dancers - Shane Seal and Yanet Fuentes are two to keep a close eye on - it was very noticeable that Jay McGuiness does not have the same talent as they do; he looked lumpy and heavy and made mistakes, which he gentlemanly acknowledged. It must be a daunting experience to take part in a show with so many professionals. On a positive note at least he will make the audiences feel that they too could take to their feet and kick up their heels! 

Keep Dancing is good entertainment – wonderful music and dancing, but what it lacks for me is a story line, a fiction where all the songs and dances segue into a narrative 

 Keep Dancing is at Milton Keynes Theatre until Saturday 10th September 

0844 871 7652

 Booking fee applies.




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