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Judy - The Songbook of Judy Garland - Lyceum Sheffield

Published by: Paul Tyree on 30th Jun 2015 | View all blogs by Paul Tyree

Judy - The Songbook of Judy Garland



(Image by Simon Teller) 

You know no-one ever feels sorry for a critic! And 99.99 percent of the time I would absolutely agree with them!
We get to see shows, schmmooz, drink wine and generally have a lovely time of it. And then every now and again, in our darkest moments we whisper to each other about shows like this. And we quiver!!! We feel that suddenly the world has turned into a very dark place that we don't understand and can't cope with. Such is the effect of this show. It makes critics quiver and hide their faces in the dark and fear ever watching a play or theatrical producion ever again. We aren't bad people. We're generally quite nice if you get to know us and perhaps buy us a drink (no pressure...) But this is one of those shows that whenever we speak of it again a chill will run down our spine and we'll worry. We'll worry that maybe we'll be forced to watch it again and then we'll genuinely wonder why we ever liked the theatre in the first place and that might actually be quite an unnerving moment for any critic to have to go through.

Admittedly this is called 'the songbook of Judy garland' and that is presciscely what it is. All of the moments that you have already witnessed on film or television are here recreated for you. I dont know what the point of that is but they've done it and seem very committed to recreating something you can watch on youtube for free (and ps ....Judy Garland does it better!) So there we are in a sense. You might be wondering why Lorna Luft has done this, trawled through her poor dead mother's life and picked out the hits and put them all in a show? I'll tell you why. Money and self-glorification are powerful motivators because those are genuinely the only reason for this utter piece of fill your pockets, self indulgent, making money out of mommy crap.

On the plus side Ray Quinn is absolutely fantastic and is quality and a star prescence from start to finish. Lorna Luft actually has a better set of pipes than her more famous sister Liza Minelli because she can actually sing. What is totally tragic about this is the fact that had Lorna Luft had the honesty, decency and integrity to actually tell the Judy Garland story, with all the bad men, the childhood abuse, the drug abuse, the alchohol abuse and the desperate struggle throughout her life to be loved by someone, this could have been, not only operatic, but one of the best musicals that has ever existed. This is not a show. Its a Lorna Luft concert because she couldn't do it any other way.
And it's a missed opportunity!

I guarantee you if we ever see that musical you'll be at the theatre every week afterwards. But if you see this, may never go again!!

Not one you should bother with. The room was a quarter full. I feel for them!


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  • Carolin Kopplin
    by Carolin Kopplin 3 years ago
    I've heard very bad things about this show. Seems the criticism is justified.
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