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Jekyll & Hyde the musical

Published by: Irish Reviewers on 25th Jul 2012 | View all blogs by Irish Reviewers

Doma Theatre present their latest sold out show; Jekyll & Hyde the musical.

The Tony Award-nominated musical adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale “Jekyll & Hyde’ is currently showing in the Met Theatre in Hollywood until Sunday 29th July. However if you’re not one of the lucky people to have a ticket for the remaining sold out show you can catch Jekyll & Hyde shortly on Broadway .

Caught between good and evil, one man must ultimately face the darkness that lurks within him. A well-meaning Dr. Henry Jekyll desperately seeks a cure for the evil in the world – but is instead pitted in a cruel battle against Edward Hyde, his own evil alter ego. Featuring the remarkable music of Frank Wildhorn including “Someone Like You,” “This Is The Moment” and “Once Upon A Dream.” this show is truly spectacular.

I hadn’t been to the Met Theatre before but on showing up at the quaint establishment and ushered to my seat by the polite staff I observed a large stage with a creative set design which slowly brought me into the 1920’s.

As the show opens we are introduced to our lead Chris Kerrigan who plays Dr. Henry Jekyll and subsequently Mr Edward Hyde. Immediately afterwards we are blown away by all 26 cast members as they go right into their first song, introducing the characters, spectacular voices and simply dazzling costumes by Brandy Jacobs and Western Costume Rental. At this point they’ve got your attention. Trust me.

As the story unveils we fall in love with Lucy – The prostitute with a heart, played by Cassandra Nuss ( Belting out some fantastic solo songs such as ‘Bring on the Men’ and ‘Dangerous Game’ you can’t help but love her as you see her interesting dynamic and dreams unfold with a potentially dangerous fortune.

This production takes you on a journey of Jekyll and Hyde and Chris Kerrigan will startle you with his alterations from Jekyll to Hyde as you find yourself gripping to your own seat in fear towards the end.

The cast of this production demonstrate Hollywood’s finest up and coming talent with superb craft and singing. They truly make you walk away having experienced a fantastic night’s entertainment.

Doma Theatre where kind enough to lend us a few moments interview with the Producer Michael Abramson. Here’s what they had to say.

What made you decide Jekyll & Hyde was the next production for Doma Theatre?

Michael; we were definitely Inspired by music and the previous Broadway Show. So in October we decided to do Jekyll & Hyde and we start casting in April. We auditioned 100 and cast 26.

How did you manage to fund such as huge production in the Met Theatre?

Michael; We are so fortunate to have a Private benefactor who gives the money for these amazing productions. He says just spend whatever it takes to enhance the theatre experience.

Why do you choose to mostly do musicals?

Michael; We love watching the book of a show intertwine with the music and watching that book or script get to a level where you just have to sing.

Our motto is enhancing the theatre experience. All of us at Doma take pride in that and we really do our best to make sure that when the audience comes to the theatre they don’t just come for a show; they come for an experience.

July 6 – July 29; DOMA Theatre Co. @ The MET Theatre, 1089 N. Oxford Ave. Los Angeles CA 90029; $30-$34.99; 323-802-4990;




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