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Jeeves and Wooster - Lyceum Sheffield

Published by: Paul Tyree on 17th Feb 2015 | View all blogs by Paul Tyree

Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense 

A new play from the works of PG Woodhouse 


The Goodale Brothers 

jeeves and wooster

Image courtesy of Sheffield Theatres (photographer Hugo Glendinning)

Anyone familiar with the work of PG Woodhouse will be familiar with  the story told in this new play. The story of Bertie Wooster helping with the engagement of Gussie Fink-Nottle has been told in the tv series and on film before now.

What makes this play so hilarious is rather the way that it is told and how it is staged. Using just 3 male actors to play all the parts the comedy comes from their ever increasing and desperate attempts to manage to be all of the characters some of whom end up having to have conversations with themselves.

It really has been ingeniously staged and the amount of stagecraft and 'business' truly is a wonder to behold. In truth had it been simply a straight retelling of the story with different actors taking on the parts there would have been a pointlessness to this piece as you might just as well have watched the tv series. 

Luckily this has been transformed into a fantastically adept stage show which is hugely funny and a real delight from start to finish.

Robert Webb is perfect casting as Wooster. He is marvellously charming and deals with huge chunks of dialogue with aplomb. He  is extremely funny as are Jason Thorpe as Jeeves and Christopher Ryan who take the lions' share of assuming the rest of the characters. 

jeeves and wooster2

Image courtesy of Sheffield Theatres (photographer Hugo Glendinning)

At the end of the performance there was thunderous applause and much cheering. The audience knew that they truly been treated to a wonderful play because of a great script and three hardworking and inspired actors. 

A marvellous new piece that truly deserves the highest praise. 

Thu 19 Feb 2:00pm   £11.00 - £19.00*  
Thu 19 Feb 7:45pm Audio Described, Signed £16.00 - £24.00* Book Tickets
Fri 20 Feb 7:45pm   £18.00 - £26.00* Book Tickets
Sat 21 Feb 3:00pm Captioned £16.00 - £24.00* Book Tickets
Sat 21 Feb 7:45pm   £18.00 - £26.00* Book Tickets




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