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Published by: Kirstie Niland on 24th Dec 2014 | View all blogs by Kirstie Niland

Birmingham Hippodrome

If you’re looking for a side-splitting night out then grab your bag of gold coins and buy tickets to see this year’s panto at the Hippodrome. A host of household names are perfectly cast in this colourful, comical tale which has laugh out loud moments from start to finish.

Taking a break from playing Corrie Casanova and bad boy Peter Barlow, Chris Gascoyne is nicely menacing as the leather-clad Fleshcreep. Blue band member Duncan James provides additional eye candy as the good and handsome Jack. Comedian Gary Wilmot plays an excellent Dame Trot alongside the comic duo of Paul Zerdin as Simple Simon and Matt Slack as Silly Billy. Meanwhile singer and actress Jane MacDonald sprinkles them all with stardust and melody in her first ever panto role as the Enchantress.


This fast-paced, action-packed show is an exciting explosion full of surprises -  a yellow convertible, a dodgem car, dancing neon butterflies – with the cast parading traditional elaborate costumes against a bold and bright set. Some jaw-dropping moments include a flying helicopter, an impressively sprouting beanstalk and an appropriately huge, red-eyed giant. The biggest surprise is the 3D scene which makes you feel like you’ve been drawn into a creepy panto version of Mario.

The gags come thick and fast, and for me Matt Slack stole the show with his high energy performance featuring some sterling impressions, including Corrie ones of course. Watch out for Silly Billy’s Mr Bombastic and Simple Simon's funny interaction with the volunteer kids at the end.

Other moments of note are Dame Trot selling her sweetie wares - Wispas and Gobstoppers may never taste the same again – and lots of inventive local leg-pulling: “Hello Jeremy I’m 16 and pregnant, and I’m from Dudley.”

There’s a great selection of songs to get the audience clapping along, including Pharrell William’s highly infectious Happy, with the cast rewarded for their hard work with appreciative roars of laughter throughout.

So...does the Yorkshire Fairy’s warning come true: will Fleshcreep regret the day he left the peace and quiet of Corrie? And does Jack's one true love get served up to him as a Royal Princess Balti?

Get your tickets to Jack and the Beanstalk and find out!

Runs until 1st February.

Tickets: £14 - £40 and are available online or telephone 0844 338 5000. 5% transaction charge applies (excl. cash sales in person) plus postage from £1. Phone calls from 5p per minute. Prices and discounting subject to change.



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