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Irish Fair - Los Angeles

Published by: Irish Reviewers on 13th Mar 2012 | View all blogs by Irish Reviewers

The Irish Fair in Los Angeles

The Irish Fair took place this weekend, It's an annual event that takes place in Los Angeles every March. This year it celebrates its 10thAnniversary as it has become the largest festival of its kind in Southern California. Offering its patrons 8 stages with 60 shows, Irish Imports, A Celtic Arts Centre, fair rides, Irish Stew, Bacon and Cabbage, Guinness, Irish Dancing, Irish Music, a farm, Irish Fortune tellers and a popular Irish Historical Education from the 3rd West Cork Brigade - this fair is worth the visit!


The fair has a large Irish following for the small number of Irish that is in LA put the vast majority of the crowd where Irish American’s who proudly love to celebrate their roots.


Entry to this fair cost $18 per day or $28 for a 2 day entry plus a $10 parking fee per day. Once inside the fair the entertainment level was high as we followed the large schedule which mapped out all of the events including bands, Irish dancing and all other Irish Entertainment. One of the most popular acts proved to be The McCartan School of Dance with consisted of a huge army of Irish Dancers with ringlets in their hair, belting out many fast pasted jigs as they wowed the crowd.


The biggest gem of all was the 3rdWest Cork Brigade which is a small brigade of about 7 men and woman from Cork, founded by two brothers Tristan and Seamus Wolfe. They had a large tent set up with artefacts and antiques of the 1920’s and as you enter the humble home they extend their Irish kindness by saying "can we offer you something". We declined the potatoes and food so Tristan brought us over to a little area where he gave us some Potean as he brought us into the world of Eamon De Valera, Michael Collins and Ireland in the 1920’s. The brigade offers the uneducated a massive insight into Ireland and how we fought for our independence. The 3rd West Cork Brigade is funded by Tristan and Seamus themselves as well as some small donations. They were a refreshing find at the fair and all Irish Citizens can remain calm knowing that these guys are doing us proud, educating America on Ireland and its real culture as well as bit more clarity on Leprechauns etc etc!


The Irish Fair is currently run by Elizabeth the grand daughter of the original Irish American Founder. For more information on this fair you can visit

Robin Stewart for Irish Reviewers and The UK Theatre Network



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