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Immortal Chi: A Warrior's Quest For Harmony

Published by: Steve Burbridge on 11th Jul 2014 | View all blogs by Steve Burbridge


Conceived by the acclaimed Cirque du Soleil director, Erick Villeneuve, Immortal Chi chronicles the journey of a Tai Chi Master and his challenge to regain his inner energy. Combining martial arts with acrobatics, traditional weaponry, beautiful costumes and original music, this production is, indeed, visually sumptuous.

From the marvellous skills demonstrated as a result of mind-over-matter meditation to the physical feats of traditional Kung Fu combat, to the soothing swirling, twirling and unfurling of the flag dancing, to the percussion precision of the Chinese Girl Drummers, Immortal Chi is a heady and hypnotic cornucopia of contemporary culture and timeless tradition.

However, without the transparency of a clear overriding narrative, it can sometimes be difficult to follow the ‘extraordinary’ story to which the marketing material refers. It is left to the individual to interpret, in their own unique way, the intent of the piece and its meaning. Perhaps this is deliberate?

Comedy is also incorporated into the show – largely when three unsuspecting audience members reluctantly take to the stage and become part of a routine. This did not sit entirely in context with the rest of the performance for me, personally, although it did seem to be appreciated by the majority of the audience.

It is undisputable, though, that the discipline of the mind in harmony with the dexterity of the body does defy the realms of human comprehension and this is a must-see show for not only fans of martial arts but also anyone else who enjoys an evening of spectacular entertainment.

Steve Burbridge.

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