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High Society - Bradford Alhambra

Published by: Cameron Lowe on 5th Apr 2013 | View all blogs by Cameron Lowe

Review by Graham Clark


High Society

This Cole Porter period musical is set in 1930’s America (Long Island) and is one of those shows that contains so many songs that you never realised where they came from; Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Well, Did You Evah and Lets Misbehave all of which make sense when you hear them in the context of the show.

I have never seen the film version so have nothing to compare the show to but, for me, it ticked all the right boxes.

Tracy Lord (played with style by Sophie Bould) is about to marry her next husband George (Keiron Crook) whose character is as wooden as the tennis racket he carries when he first appears on stage.  Her ex-husband, the suave, smooth talking Dexter Haven (Michael Praed) returns on the scene to put a cat amongst the pigeons.  Add to that the arrival of a good looking journalist Mike Connor (played by understudy, Matt Corner) and you have the main characters of the show.  Tracy’s younger sister Dinah (Katie Lee) has some strong lines and some worldly advice for her big sister.  At times her character could be annoying but she did have a certain charm.

Teddy Kemper, as Uncle Willy, has the wittiest lines and plays the part with ease; delivering his colourful antics.

Early on in the show, we see that Tracy made a mistake in leaving Dexter and that the flame of True Love burns brightly for them both.  It is easy to work out how the show will end.

With a vast range of emotions portrayed in the show from jealousy to lost love, it is a show that everyone can relate too.

If you are romantically inclined then this is a show for you. On a distinctively chilly night in Bradford it warmed the heart.

High Society

02 - 06 April 2013
Alhambra Theatre

Tickets £14.50 - £34.50




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