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Hello Dolly! at Leicester Curve till 19 Jan

Published by: Sue Casson on 12th Dec 2012 | View all blogs by Sue Casson

Hello, Dolly!

Leicester Curve, extended until 19th January


This fun, light-hearted, romantic American musical tells a surprisingly complex tale of romance, matchmaking, a polka dancing competition, hats and a stuffed whale.  Olivier-award winner Janie Dee, as Dolly, is vivacious and charming throughout, creating a warm rapport with her audience, among whom she ventures. The musical numbers are subtly intertwined with the witty, compact, swift-moving dialogue, and Dolly‚Äôs descent down the staircase and rendition of the title song, flanked by a chorus of adoring waiters, is superbly realized. Artistic Director Paul Kerryson directs with assurance, bringing out the full humour and timelessness of the story and managing to hit exactly the right note with his audience, who were entranced throughout. The only negative aspect for me was the back-projected images which were, at best, irrelevant and, at worst, a distraction, but fortunately these disappear in the second act. With superb production values, slick, energetic dance numbers and a sprinkling of quieter, touching moments, this is a superbly-realized musical that will not fail to lift the spirits.



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