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EDINBURGH FRINGE: Erewhon at Summerhall ***

Published by: Clare Brotherwood on 3rd Aug 2018 | View all blogs by Clare Brotherwood

This colourful little show tucked away amid Summerhall’s 90 productions is a must for technophiles - for purple velour tracksuited playwright and star of this collaboration between Edinburgh-based theatre company Magnetic North and Christchurch Arts Festival in New Zealand starts by asking his audience members to keep their phones switched on and tweeting, and uses his own phone to illustrate what is essentially a Victorian story.

That’s not the only modern twist to Samuel Butler’s 1872 book about a land where technology was banned after it became too sophisticated and began to take over (sound familiar?) Meek’s co-star, multi-talented musician Eva Prowse provides some other-worldly, and beautiful, sounds and vocals.

For the technophobe, however, there is another star on stage - an original 19th magic lantern through which Meek tells Butler’s incredible story.


Erewhon at Summerhall (Venue 26) EH9 1PL daily, except Mondays, at 1.25pm. Tickets £5-£10. Summerhall Box Office: 0131 560 1581. Fringe Box Office: 0131 226 0000



  • Cameron Lowe
    by Cameron Lowe 14 days ago
    Brilliant, Clare. I do love the Fringe. Can't wait to read more about what's on offer at the Festival this year.
  • Clare Brotherwood
    by Clare Brotherwood 14 days ago
    I'm doing my best to cover as much as I can but it's a bit overwhelming - well, not even a bit! But Edinburgh has to be the most exciting place on earth just now. LOVING IT!
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