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Double Death at the Theatre Royal Windsor

Published by: Clare Brotherwood on 24th Sep 2014 | View all blogs by Clare Brotherwood

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Brian Capron and Kim Tiddy

Claps of thunder and flashes of lightning are staple ingredients for setting the scene in thrillers, especially ones set in creepy Cornish country houses. And the sound and lighting effects herald this thriller particularly well.

The first act doesn’t exactly kick up a storm, however - until you realise that it’s a slow build up to a surprising and stunning climax.

The plot is certainly novel:  the combustible relationship between twin brothers has already led to attempted murder - or what it an accident? - and when the now paranoid paraplegic victim of that incident returns home from hospital, a game of cat and mouse ensues - with tragic consequences.

Described as ‘volatile and schizophrenic’, wheelchair-bound Ashley seems rather mild-mannered  as played by Tom Butcher; while as Ashley’s twin, Max, he is not particularly threatening. Playing two roles must be difficult, however, and hard work in such an eventful storyline, and I gather Tom joined the cast at a late stage. Certainly he doesn’t miss a cue as he swaps between the roles, mostly by disappearing into a working lift - whose light as it descends adds to the creepiness. It must have been a logistical nightmare for director and designer Philip Stewart, but the lift and an intercom are valuable props, unlike the playing back of a childhood home movie whose dialogue was too muffled to be heard.

Brian Capron who, after more than 10 years, is still remembered as Coronation Street murderer Richard Hillman, is on the other side of the law this time, convincing as a local policeman (complete with accent) with limited intuition, while Kim Tiddy as Ashley’s nurse has something of  Nurse Ratched about her. It is Judy Buxton as the twins’ indulgent aunt who makes the most impression. Her spirited performance adds colour and not a little humour to the proceedings.

Written by the Windsor-born actor Simon Williams, who starred as the twins at this very theatre several years ago, Double Death certainly has plenty of thrills and spills but it is sometimes a little lacklustre. Perhaps a bolt of lightning may help!

Double Death is at the Theatre Royal Windsor until Sept 27 and then continues touring:

Sept 29-Oct 1: Civic Theatre, Darlington

Oct 6-8: Marina Theatre, Lowestoft

Oct 15-18: Haymarket, Basingstoke


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  • Cameron Lowe
    by Cameron Lowe 3 years ago
    Thanks for your review, Clare. It sounds like there are plenty of positives here but the complete package lacked some 'oomph'?
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